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Sensory and Social adventures to meet your individual travel needs


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Customized Tours

Travel built around your everyday life. Our tours are built specifically around activities and destinations that will not only complement but enhance your current lifestyle. Most importantly, your group is comprised of like-minded individuals with similar travel goals and aspirations in mind.

Flexible Payments

Your adventure of a lifetime is even easier to attain with our interest-free monthly payment plans! Adventures are broken down into 5 easy monthly payments.All that is required to secure your spot today is a $150 deposit!

You Get What You Pay For

You can rest assured knowing that you will experience a full 10 or 25 nights based on your chosen tour. Your flight time to and from the destination do not count towards your overall trip days.


Group Travel | Reimagined

TTW recognizes group travel as an excellent approach to finally pursuing your travel goals and dreams.We believe that group travel should be tailored to everyone’s characteristics that make them unique individuals. Personality plays a huge part in what you would like to take away from your group travel experience. We understand your desire to set forth on the perfect adventure, tailored for no one else but you! Groups of 12 to 14 travellers with 2-4 experienced Adventure Guides will create an unforgettable experience that you simply will not find elsewhere!

It’s About You

With tours taking place in exotic SE Asia destinations like Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, you will have no problem tipping them back until the sun comes up, lazing away your worries on the beach, or exploring the many sights that the world has to offer! Using our in-house developed Lifestyle Quiz, we are able to recommend trips curated around your needs and desires, leading to more personal satisfaction with your adventure. Take the quiz right now and see which adventure is perfect for you.
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Sensory Lifestyle

Sensory | Lifestyle Adventurers have a need for connection to the places they visit, feeling things intensely, with a desire to take in the history and the culture of what a country has to offer.
Creating a sense of home within yourself, you look for ways to expand your mind. Looking at the ancient temples raises the hair on your arms, the sight of towering limestone cliffs takes your breath away.
It doesn’t mean that you can’t kick off your shoes and dance in the sand. You know how to have a good time in what you see, smell, and taste.

Social Lifestyle

The party never stops on our Social | Lifestyle Adventures. Surrounding yourself with the company of others is something we understand here at TTW.
No experience is complete without your bestie right beside you taking part in the action. Bestie couldn’t make it? No worries, many solo travellers will rest assured knowing that all those taking part in a TTW Social Adventure will have a similar focus on what is important to their travel experience.
Let’s dance ’til the sun comes up, followed by drinking games on the beach, and don’t forget some extra straws for your Thai Bucket!


One could assume our passion is travel.
This is true, however, to us, travel is our lifestyle.
Indulging on the sights, smells, and tastes of the world,
completely immersed with our love of music,
catching the next big wave,
and creating memories we will cherish forever.
Not every day can your business co-exist with your lifestyle, and for this, we are forever grateful.
There is no greater reward than travel and we are excited to take you to the top! 
This is our lifestyle, this is travel.


Grab your friends and let’s go on an adventure!

All of our tours are eligible for amazing group pricing, making your adventure of a lifetime even easier to attain! To take advantage of these special prices, please click the “Reserve Your Spots” button below and tell us about your group. Upon receipt of your request, you will be provided with unique promo codes to discount your trip at checkout!

25 Day Tour Regular Price $2490/PP

10 Day Tour Regular Price $990/PP



You can rest assured knowing that you will experience a full 10 or 25 nights based on your chosen tour. Your flight time to and from the destination do not count towards your overall trip days.


Your adventure deposit will never expire and can be used towards any future tours with TTW Adventures | Lifestyle Travel. Additionally, you can gift your deposit funds to a friend or family member, or you may choose to donate your deposit to our #TakeUsToTheTop foundation.


We believe in giving you the freedom to explore and learn on your own terms. You will never feel pressure to engage in an activity as all adventure enhancements are optional. We also firmly believe in the freedom to be yourself. We will never discriminate against age, gender, sexual preference, race, religion, or individual values & beliefs.


With job aide programs, such as hiring local guides to accompany our travellers, using environmentally conscious transportation, staying in family-owned accommodations, and eating local, we can directly enhance the well-being of every country and its inhabitants that we are so privileged to travel through.


All of our adventure guides are formally certified in standardized CPR & First Aid practices. We will do everything in our control to maintain a safe and healthy environment for everyone involved on our tours.


All TTW Adventures are capped at a 14-person capacity with up to 3 Adventure guides, one of whom is always local to the country. By having smaller groups, we are able to limit the possibility of cliques forming, giving us a better ability to meet each traveller's individual needs.



Dylana Holland

"I love group travel! You get to do your own thing if you want to, but honestly, group travel is more fun because you meet new people and they bring out a different side of you, they bring out your fun side, or your spunky side, just EVERYTHING, it's AWESOME! I loved it! Every single minute. I’ve seen so many beautiful places, beautiful views, it’s the best experience I’ve ever had! I am so happy I made the choice to come!"


Tyson Stumborg

"Out of 10, I’d rate my TTW adventure a 10! There are very few things that we didn’t have enough time to do, but we can always come back to experience them. There are so many cool things that we got to discover, and it really opened up my eyes in a lot of ways, and I’m going to go home and be happy with what I’ve done. I’m never going to forget a trip like this, it was once in a lifetime for sure!"


Carey Johnson

"My TTW Adventure was overall a positive experience! I got the opportunity to do what I wanted, when I wanted, whether to join the group or not join the group, have some free time, have great experiences like rafting, group drinking obviously, all the usual stuff. It was nice to actually go with a fun group of people, that had a lot to do with each other, had a lot in common, overall we all had a great time!"



It's easy to travel for free

Collect stamps in your TTW Adventures | Passport to the Worldand you will score a FREE TTW Adventures tour of your choice!
Every stamp is worth 200 points. 1000 points earned is all it takes to receive your reward. 
There are two ways to collect stamps
#1 – Take part in any TTW Adventures | Lifestyle Travel tour
#2 – Refer your friends and family to take part in any TTW Adventures | Lifestyle Travel tour
Every tour you complete is worth 1 stamp & every tour your referrals complete is worth an additional stamp.
We told you it was easy!


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Don't Be Shy

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